AtemisCloud Business Suite
List of the 540 features
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Branch: 1.CRM Feature: CRM Contacts Details AtemisCloud | 1.CRM | CRM Contacts Details
Description:This feature focuses on a single contact and all related information. (Deals, Projects, Activities Reports, Tickets,...) In the B2B model, it completes the Company view which displays both the company, all its contacts and the related information. The B2C model got its individual view with all related information.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: ChatGPT conversations AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | ChatGPT conversations
Description:This feature provides you the full conversations between your ChatGPT bot and your prospects. When you use a specific assistant, click on the [assistant] button, and the related conversations are displayed.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: AI Social Sharing AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | AI Social Sharing
Description:This feature creates and share automatically AI created content on your social networks. It is connected to ChatGPT and your social networks API, such as Facebook and Instagram. Other network such as X, Pinterest, TikTok can be added. Fill the content of the prompt for the content creation and specify the caracteristics of the illustration to be created. ChatGPT creates automatically the content and the image, Select the social networks pages, within the list and post this content by clicking on the button [Share Content] When published an alert is displayed to confirm the publication.

Branch: 3.Administration Feature: Team Calendar AtemisCloud | 3.Administration | Team Calendar
Description:This calendar displays all work schedules of your team and the completion rates of each project.

Branch: 7.Backoffice Feature: Hubspot Data Synchronization AtemisCloud | 7.Backoffice | Hubspot Data Synchronization
Description:Synchronize all the data between Hubspot and AtemisCloud. Companies, Contacts, Leads, Emails, Activities

Branch: 5.Finance Feature: Financial Forecast Dashboard AtemisCloud | 5.Finance | Financial Forecast Dashboard
Description:Get a complete dashboard on the forecasted financial data (Revenues, expenses, payrolls,..). Get analytical reports by area, department and drill down to reach a specific value. Share this dashboard to all your teams, according to their rights and authorizations.

Branch: 5.Finance Feature: CryptoCurrencies Listing Dashboard AtemisCloud | 5.Finance | CryptoCurrencies Listing Dashboard
Description:Connected to a ledger, this feature allows you to track all activities for your crypto listing, analyse all the transactions, get the balances of big investors, get the maps pointing at the more investing countries and be ready to maximize your crypto valuation.

Branch: 3.Administration Feature: Software Asset Management AtemisCloud | 3.Administration | Software Asset Management
Description:Track your software with all financial, legal details and contracts.

Branch: 5.Finance Feature: Synchronization with Quickbook AtemisCloud | 5.Finance | Synchronization with Quickbook
Description:Synchronize your financial data with QuickBook in both ways and for multi-companies. Get analytical dashboards built on AtemisCloud and shared to all your teams.

Branch: 5.Finance Feature: Financial forecast AtemisCloud | 5.Finance | Financial forecast
Description:This feature lists all financial data (revenues and expenses) and allows you to create forecasted data in one click for the next month, or for the next year.